We are using the Flymaster F6 upgraded tracker for the X-Lakes this year.

In the unlikely event of a main tracker failure the following backups can be used.

Phone running XC Track (Android)

In order to record a complete track of hiking and flying, you can set XC Track to save a continuous track even when you’re standing still.

  • In XC Track go to Preferences
  • Automatic Actions
  • Select Landing Detection and choose “No Detection”
  • Select Takeoff Speed amd choose 1.0 km/h

(FlySkyHy has a similar function: Switch off ‘auto end flight’ in ‘Settings’> ‘Other’. Also ensure that your iphone is not in low power mode)

iPhone running FlySkyHy

For Apple iPhone users running FlySkyHy you need to switch OFF the Auto Start/Stop in Settings.

Garmin Inreach Mini

  • Switch on Tracking
  • Click OK in tracking screen and scroll down to Setup
  • Make sure Log Interval is set to 1 second. This records the track internally in the device.
  • Once you have finished the Challenge the Garmin will sync with your Online account at https://explore.garmin.com/Map
  • You can then select the relevant track and export it as a gpx file.

The following video shows how this works.