The X-Lakes is organised by pilots, for pilots and previous participants, Andy Read, David Drewette and Rod Welford are supported by competition guru, Richard Bungay and general admin gofer, Lake District bred, X-Lakes supporter, James Allcock.

Richard is something of an expert in Flymaster trackers and Andy Read has managed to develop some software that will help simply the complex scoring system and provide better information to supporters. David manages the website and registration technical systems.

Rod and James just chat to folk and smooth over the cracks! Event logistics have always been a headache but combining the X-Lakes with the Lakes Charity Classic so that we can access their hugely successful event experience should help us focus more on the event itself.

Thanks for the fantastic support shown to the success of the X-Lakes Challenge in previous years. We look forward to helping you all make some more fantastic memories.

With best regards,

Andy, James, Rod, Richard and Dave

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