Prior to the event the organisers will have enabled MapShare on their Garmin inReach devices and set them up to allow athletes or their supporters to message their devices. This facility will ensure that important messages or emergencies can definitely reach the organisation.

If you need to contact the organisers in the event of an emergency, then call your supporter and ask them to follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the X-Lakes safety pages at www.x-lakes-uk/safety
  2. Navigate to the organisers Garmin MapShare page.
  3. Use the password “X-Lakes” to access the Mapshare page for the organisers’ inReach devices
  4. Select Message from the left panel
  5. In the Send Message window enter your email address or phone number, and a message.
  1. Select Send

The organisers will send a reply to acknowledge safe receipt within 30 minutes