Hi All. Happy New Year!!

The 2022 X-Lakes will be held on 17th & 18th June and based in Grasmere in conjunction with the Lakes Charity Classic paragliding competition organised by Cumbria Soaring Club.

This year a maximum of 50 places are available for the two-day X-Lakes challenge. Last years’ top ten (as per results listed on the website) will be automatically offered an option for a place to compete in this year’s two-day Challenge event. The three top-placed competitors in last year’s one-day event will also be offered an option to participate in this year’s two-day Challenge event.

The remaining places in the two-day Challenge event will then be awarded on the basis of a ballot after entries have been submitted. The organisers will reserve 5 places as wildcard positions to be awarded at their discretion.

25 places for those who register for the one-day Academy event will be awarded by ballot. Don’t try to register for both: the two events are targeted at different pilots.

One dayers will also be able to register for the LCC comp. Unfortunately two-day Challenge registrants will have to wait to see if they are successful in the ballot, but, if unsuccessful, then entry into one of the LCC events is an option for them too.

News will follow with anticipated timelines and details of how to register an application.

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